Tentative GridInnovation-on-line conditions of use

The knowledger provider has to register and provide contact details. The GRIDInnovation-on-line account will allow the knowledge provider to publish articles.
Any piece of information (project and knowledge articles) published in the GRIDInnovation-on-line library is made public. As such, it must be accessible and shareable by any visitor of the website.
The knowledge provider is liable to verify that there is no specific IP which could prevent from publication on GRIDInnovation-on-line. GRIDInnovation-on-line bears no responsibility for any IP infringement relative to the R&I result (article) described by the knowledge provider.
The knowledge provider retains full intellectual property of the R&I result described in his/her article.
The knowledge provider complies with the editing policy of GRIDInnovation-on-line, i.e. an iterative process with the administrator of the library where the text of each article is packaged (hyperlinks inserted by the administrator with possible amendments) so that consistency between contents and hyperlinks selected by the knowledge provider is ensured. Hyperlinks are carefully chosen by the administrator to help knowledge seekers quickly finding the relevant information.
The knowledge provider is free to modify his/her articles at any time. Each modification of the text is submitted to the administrator who might propose amendments. Any amendment made by the administrator is submitted to the knowledge provider for approval.
The knowledge provider is solely responsible for the integrity of the scientific and technical results described in his/her article. GRIDInnovation-on-line bears no responsibility for any inaccuracy in the described R&I result.
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