Vitanuova assicurazioni

Vitanuova Previdenza e Protezione is a leading insurance broker that offers advice through a network of over 500 Consultants throughout the country.

Vitanuova assicurazioni
Vitanuova assicurazioni

Vitanuova helps families and small entrepreneurs to understand their own protection, pension, savings and investment needs and supports them in choosing the most convenient and safest insurance/financial products.

Founded in 2015 on the initiative of Fabrizio Colombo Giardinelli, in 2020 it became a joint-stock company. The statute provides that network managers have the opportunity to become part of the company, through the #lamiazienda equity participation program.

Vitanuova uses a technological platform for customer profiling, xGuru, which makes it possible to bring out even unexpressed needs through a real information check-up and to collect and interpret the data necessary to offer only the products suitable for satisfying specific protection needs - savings - investment in the long term.

In numbers

  • More than 22,000 customers have signed up to 32,000 contracts.
  • Portfolio of 175 million euros
  • 19th for turnover in the Italian insurance broker ranking
  • 70 offices and 11 area offices throughout the national territory

The project

In the first phase, we created the site that presents the offer in a professional manner, allows you to find the closest consultant and tells the most salient updates from the Vitanuova world.

We are supporting the client in defining the editorial plan. The News section will be enriched with informative technical content to optimize the organic positioning of all the site's pages on the main search engines.

The project also provides for the rationalization of the network's presence on the main social channels (in the implementation phase).

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