Gruppo Camozzi

The Camozzi Group is configured as an ecosystem of companies operating in pneumatic components, textile machines, machine tools with mechanical and hydrostatic technology, special machines for titanium processing and for laying carbon fiber.

Gruppo Camozzi
Gruppo Camozzi

The 12 companies that make up the Group - organized into 5 divisions - are specialized in different technical and production activities, but present similar organisational, financial, logistical and commercial aspects.

The Manufacturing division ranges from the molding of brass and polymers, to the casting of aluminum and cast iron, from precision machining to heavy mechanical carpentry.

The Group also works on the interconnection and digitization of production and testing processes by developing predictive algorithms and platforms and making it possible to instantly detect anomalies and faults.

Customer goals

  • Consistently communicate the new organization of the Camozzi Group into 5 divisions on the web, also through a rationalization of domains
  • Present the synergies between companies and divisions and the strengths of the Group
  • Providing the user with an effective and coordinated browsing experience on all sites in the Camozzi universe
  • Carry out the functional restyling of the sites: Textile division (Marzoli), Camozzi Automation and Camozzi Digital
  • Create two new division sites: Machine Tools (integrating the sites of Innse-Berardi and Ingersoll) and Manufacturing (which integrates the sites of 4 companies: Campress, Fonderia Mora Gavardo, Officine Meccaniche Newton)
  • Improve the organic positioning of the entire archipelago of Camozzi sites.

The intervention of Img internet

We are creating all the Camozzi Group sites with the Kalì CMS, an evolutionary platform currently operating on over 450 domains.

We first focused on the Camozzi Group website to offer an overview of the activities and skills of the 5 divisions and offices scattered throughout the world. The site dedicated to the Group's News allows updates to be disseminated promptly to all sites in the Camozzi ecosystem via tags, without creating any redundancy of content.

At the same time, we carried out the functional restyling of the Marzoli sites, the heart of the Textile division, and of Camozzi Automation.

We have also launched the new site of the Machine Tools division which integrates the sites of the 2 companies that make it up: Innse-Berardi and the US Ingersoll.

In addition to editing and publishing all the texts, we took care of the on-page SEO

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Camozzi Digital
Camozzi Digital
Camozzi Digital supports the digitalization of companies operating in various manufacturing sectors and who want to take advantage of digital innovation and IIoT solutions .
Gruppo Camozzi
Gruppo Camozzi
The Camozzi Group is configured as an ecosystem of companies operating in pneumatic components, ...
Gruppo Camozzi Gruppo Camozzi
Gruppo Camozzi
Progetto di comunicazione e di adeguamento tecnologico della Intranet di gruppo.
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