Digitali per crescere

The project "Digitali per crescere" is an initiative developed by Microsoft Italy, starting from the awareness that there is a very close relationship between innovation and competitiveness and that it is necessary to help Italian managers and entrepreneurs to understand the benefits of the new technologies.



It's a website, online since September 2013, with which Microsoft aims to contribute to the digital growth of Italian country, offering dedicated  content to SMEs, youth, startup initiatives, schools and universities.

Every day many Entrepreneurs, Partners and Stakeholders sign up on the site - Digitali per crescere - in order to do networking and developing business.

Img Internet was responsible for the design and construction of the website - Digitali per crescere -.
With the aim of improving the performance in terms of content understanding, user experience and user interaction, Img Internet has now made a complete restyling of the graphic and functional aspects of the website.
With colorful and high-impact graphics, five macro-areas of activity marked by well-explanatory icons, a content structure very clear, the new layout facilitates to understand the topics and stimulates insights and interactions.

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