Dante Alighieri - Committee of Monaco

It is the official website of the  Association - Dante Alighieri Monaco - created to gather all the activities of this important organization with the aim of spreading the Italian language in the world.



The user experience design on the site has been defined to give evidence to the association Dante Alighieri, its mission and the important educational offer that provides.
The objective of the website home page is to ensure that the user is immediately projected into the Dante reality minimizing the bounce rate. This happens thanks to a slider which highlights: 

  • Dante Alighieri association
  • The Italian language, among the most popular in the world
  • Dante activities

When the users want to deepen the information, moving further down the page they will find out more detailed contents and news.

The navigation bar at the top has been designed to highlight the offer (the main menu in red) and also to give importance to Dante association (submenu in gray).


The drop down menu retractable guarantees maximum results in terms of user experience.

The site is responsive and therefore automatically adapting to the use of mobile devices. This is a crucial issue, considering the constantly increasing number of accesses to these platforms.
The user will then display the same website, regardless of the platform used, but the website will be automatically optimized according to the platform itself.


The page dedicated to the school aims to "humanize" the institutional figure of the teachers, thanks to the combination of a profile picture near the traditional personal information data.
At the bottom an internal link refers to the "offer" section.



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