From SPID to AgID, the path of CBIM passes through a restructuring of methodologies and platforms to provide an increasingly efficient service to the medical research community in Italy


Img Internet supports CBIM in a plan to transform development methodologies, migrate software applications to the CLOUD and support registration on the AgID marketplace.

The Consortium of Bioengineering and Medical Informatics – CBIM is a non-profit organisation whose members are the University of Studies and the IUSS of Pavia, the Ministry of Health and various public and private IRCCS.

Some examples

Ministry of Health - Directorate General for Research

  • Authentication via SPID to the biometric research information system
  • Economic reporting of research projects financed by the ministry
  • Virtualisation of the Research Directorate-General's information system to support remote work during the pandemic

IRCS extension

Information system for the Directorate-General for Research

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