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An application for mobile devices for the tourist visit of Abruzzo. The app makes use of augmented reality content and is based on the 5G network available on an experimental basis in the city of L'Aquila.

Carsa edizioni
Carsa edizioni
  • The visitor frames a monument with the smartphone camera
  • The app calls the API for recognition which, if the work is registered, returns its identifier
  • The app recalls the contents related to the work and presents the user with a context menu containing information, videos, images, etc.
  • The visitor can read or listen to the description of the monument, view related videos and images
  • The point clouds of the augmented reality images are shown above those of the cameras
  • The "checkin" of the user at the POI increases his score, certain score thresholds can allow him to obtain "badges" and in a ranking page it is possible to see one's position and relate to others
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