Service overview

Kalì is a multi-channel publishing platform which, in the design phase, also allows you to create real CMS whose publishing logics can be customized according to project needs

Access is provided as a service and allows companies to operate on the site with the utmost simplicity and to benefit from  an evolutionary maintenance activity  that makes all the latest features and technological updates required by the modern web available to customers every day.

At the base of the system there is a  strong focus on security , and precisely to guarantee the highest levels, work is constantly done by  auditing  with the most accredited tools in order to activate all the most recent techniques for safeguarding data and code.

It is precisely for this reason that customizations and evolutions can only be made by  certified personnel  authorized to operate in development and data storage environments. The customizations require interventions on the code which, once verified in the  staging environment , is transformed into the DLLs (encrypted binary code libraries) that make up the production software environment. In addition to guaranteeing behavioral uniformity and performance efficiency, this method of operating represents the highest levels of safety.

The goal of Img Internet is to maintain a product capable of serving organizations which by their nature expose data of fundamental importance both at a financial and communication level. 

Kali today

In recent years, with the development of the concept of open source (whose solutions, however, were not and are not able to guarantee levels of security acceptable to more structured organizations), the need was felt to make  new investments  aimed at making the elements of originality of the system and developing new strategic directions in order to meet the needs of the  three main groups of customers .

  1. Small and medium-sized companies : they saw open source as a possible liberation from the supplier from as a kind of new model of executive freedom
  2. Public administration : for reasons related to the criteria of free competition, some public organizations have adopted the suggestions that came from the central administration to use service models that bind them with suppliers
  3. Large organizations  which, on the other hand, required the highest levels of security, customization and integration with their internal systems from the online communication service.

Open platform

The opportunity : thinking that a company builds a site or its online communication with its own software meant diving into the past and running into enormous problems of scalability, security and technological adaptation, but at the same time we must not ensure that SMEs and the public administration do not feel bound to the company that provides the service.

Hence an ambitious evolutionary project was born, a multi-year plan aimed at radically changing the structural foundations of the system which can be summarized in the transformation of the CMS engine into a  Headless Content System Platform , based on the modeling of an  intermediate layer and independent  of the rescue system and organization of data that through API can deliver and integrate programmatic elements at any level (E015 of the Lombardy Region is a first example of implementation, albeit partial).

Img Internet has decided to operate on an intermediate environment between the KALI publishing system and the outside world, capable of  communicating  with any interlocutor present on the market.

In addition to this, it was necessary to guarantee a new user interface based on the most modern programming criteria of the single page application and a way of using web design tools integrated with valuable frameworks such as  Html5 ,  CSS3 ,  Bootsrap ,  Sass . All obviously perfectly adhering to the increasingly pressing guidelines of the W3C consortium and Google.

Final objective : the creation of a modern, usable system, able to offer content management in an accessible and open way from any web and mobile publishing engine, via API, Application Programming Interface.

It is precisely for this reason that customizations can only be made by certified personnel authorized to operate in development and data storage environments. The customizations in fact require interventions on the code which then, once verified in the staging environment, are published in the DLLs (binary code libraries) that make up the production software environment. 

In addition to ensuring behavioral uniformity and performance efficiency , this method represents the highest levels of security and for this very reason it has been chosen by organizations which by their nature display data of fundamental importance both at a financial and communication level.

Customer autonomy

Depending on how the project is implemented, Kalì offers administrators ample autonomy in managing the structure and contents . Img Internet makes its resources available to make it evolve together with the customer also in a logic of personalization, or activation and invention of further services.

Since Kalì is a development environment, the customer can decide to train web designers internally and certify them Kalì. In this way, even the entire planning part is managed in total autonomy. The system is supplied in SaaS mode and hosted at our web farm which in turn has its servers in OVH, universally recognized among the best existing SPs. However, if the customer wants to stop the service and keep the platform on their own servers, we can think about installing it on-premises by detaching it from the central system.

All data is owned by the customer and is easily exportable via API to ensure the highest levels of interoperability and possible migrations to different platforms.

Kalì is ISO 27001 certified and AgID qualified .

Cloud infrastructure

All systems are backed up daily with a guarantee of recovery up to 15 days before a possible failure. 

The SaaS service provides for corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the software, taken over following the report if the error is attributable to the program code, as it was released by Img Internet.

The proposed system is configured to be able to guarantee the maximum guarantee of service continuity. The service will also include, at the sole expense of the supplier, the carrying out of technical modifications, consisting of improvements and/or updates, in order to raise the degree of reliability of the system, to improve functioning and to increase safety.

Img Internet undertakes to provide telephone assistance following reports of failures and/or malfunctions relating to the sites residing on its servers and, in the event of failure to resolve such failures and/or malfunctions, undertakes to activate the third-party suppliers of Server Host, directly responsible for defining what has been reported. Img Internet undertakes to provide this service from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) during the following hours: 09.30-12.30/14.00-18.00.

With regard to the servers and operating systems (OVH) on which the Kalì application resides, 24-hour availability is guaranteed.

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