Kali enhances online marketing activities and opportunities

Kali is an advanced corporate multi-channel CMS  platform used by major organizations including Microsoft, European Union, Benetton, SAP, Honeywell, Bocconi University, Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Roche, Expo 2015.

Kalì is designed to optimize the web presence, increasing the efficiency of communication and digital marketing activities. Img Internet delivers most of its digital consulting services through this platform, thanks to its versatility and speed of implementation. 

Kalì seamlessly integrates any software and digital marketing tool, allowing to create innovative and succesful customized projects, although structurally complex.

It 'a platform that uses the highest standards established for the construction of web pages (HTML5 and CSS3), and also an open structure that allows to share data, through modules of interoperability based on XML and Web services technologies (1).


Kalì infrastructure resides on the Img Internet Web Farm (2), consising of several web servers hosted in a dedicated cloud space, which adheres to the highest standards of safety and performance.

Thanks to the effective benefist offered, Kalì CMS enterprise is used by several Italian and international companies, of every industry and size: large organizations, including Microsoft, SAP, Roche, Honeywell, Bocconi, European Commission, Expo 2015, as well as medium-sized enterprises.

More than 450 domains are based on Kalì.

  1. Kalì is written in C # for the .NET Framework 4.5 and is based on SQL Server 2012 databse. For the client programming activity is used CSS3, HTML5, Javascript. APIs are exposed with REST services in XML and JSON format.
  2. To ensure working in a safe environment, with the highest security standards, Img Internet avails on partnerships with leading companies in this sector, using the best infrastructures of the market.
    OVH, number 1 company in Europe and fourth worldwide with over 120,000 servers kept for domains (source Netcraft, January 2012), is the data center that hosts our Web Farm.

The machines, supporting an architecture based on Dedicated Cloud, are monitored 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, by the technicians of the respective organizations.

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