Kalì, a SAAS service to enhance online marketing

It is an advanced multi-channel publishing platform used by major organizations including Cdp, Camozzi, Trend Micro, Microsoft, the European Union, Benetton, SAP, Honeywell, Bocconi, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Roche, Expo 2015.


Kalì is a SAAS service based on a multi-channel publishing and Marketing Automation platform used by important public and private organizations.

The service is provided in Software as a service mode, does not require any installation, and is immediately ready for use and allows companies to operate on the site with the utmost simplicity and to benefit from an evolutionary maintenance activity which every day makes available to customers all the latest features and technological updates imposed by the modern web.

It is also a latest generation CMS, whose publishing logics can be customized according to project needs, creating the right mix of sites, channels and languages.

A marketing tool

The system is multilingual and multi-device and is designed to allow companies to manage all the contents and methods of interaction with their interlocutors with the utmost simplicity, always guaranteeing the maximum success results on search engines.

Graphically it is totally free and without limitations, within the site you can create landing pages linked to campaigns and access pages to information with successive levels of profiling, up to the management of the entire life cycle of an event (online and offline) .

It is possible to use Kalì as a data acquisition tool in a granular way and integrated with Marketing Automation. Our model is suitable for multinational companies that need to control dozens of sites of branches and related companies with the utmost simplicity and effectiveness 


Kali, being a platform that also integrates a latest generation CMS, has all the functions that must be guaranteed for each content publishing operation, user management, relationships between sites and languages, newsletter sending, usage metrics and is natively prepared to host external code if necessary, through procedures that, once again, do not require particular technical familiarity.

Each page of the site is designed to be integrated with external code with the possibility of integrating entire applications that also interact with the CMS. APIs are offered for internal use for tighter integrations (e.g. authentication verification) and to support customized workflows in content and user management.

For security reasons , the code is not public and to date we have not suffered a single successful hacker attack, being able to count on strict security policies and infrastructure updates aimed at preserving data and application logic.

Content management

It is designed to simplify the ordinary management of simple and complex sites as much as possible, in order to limit the resources needed to maintain a site to a few units. Basing itself mainly on standard languages, the level of simplification is such that a complete restructuring of the graphic representation can be made at any time without requiring any intervention from the point of view of organization of the content. The other important aspect is that the administration of the site in terms of editorial and graphic and functional settings is carried out at the same time as navigation, so it is not necessary to operate on a separate panel, a method that offers great advantages in terms of interpretation and prototyping of customizations and editorial management.


At the base of the system there is a strong focus on security, and precisely to guarantee the highest levels, we work constantly with the IT auditing offices of companies such as Microsoft and Cdp in order to activate all the most recent data and code .

It is precisely for this reason that software-side customizations can only be made by certified personnel authorized to operate in development and data storage environments. In fact, customizations require interventions on the code which, once verified in the staging environment, are published in the production software environment. 

In addition to guaranteeing behavioral uniformity and performance efficiency, this method of operating represents the highest levels of security and for this very reason it has been chosen by organizations which by their nature display data of fundamental importance both at a financial and communication level.

Kalì is used, among others, by


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