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With Kalì the usual time required for a web project implementation is drastically reduced, even when the srtucture is very complex and articulated.

A website development process, from the initial needs assessment through the launch, maintenance and follow-up, happens extremely fast.

Through the CSS code, Kalì Content Management System creates a real development environment that allows companies to program dynamic websites, without the need to resort to developers.

The Kalì CMS was designed with the aim of allowing companies to develop and manage any online project in a simple, effective and fast way, without the need for investments in programming resources and specialized knowledge of the technological infrastructure.

One of the main strengths of the Kalì CMS is the strong reduction in implementation times: it is possible to transfer all the contents of an existing website very quickly to this platform, after having appropriately reorganized and integrated them, defining a new graphic layout and a logic more efficient editorial.

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