Security policy

Img Internet considers the information that users entrust or process through the service it makes available to them to be a valuable asset. For this reason Img Internet assumes the responsibility to protect and enhance this heritage by committing to ensure that the information can be used with the due guarantee of accuracy and completeness, that it is adequately protected from improper use, from unauthorized disclosure and from damage or loss.

This Information Security Policy therefore expresses the commitment to guarantee the security of information, of the physical, logical and organizational tools suitable for processing information in all its activities and to guarantee the requirements of confidentialityintegrity and availability of critical or sensitive information that are entrusted to him, carrying out appropriate checks to avoid violations of these requirements.

The objectives of the information security policy are:

  • Consolidate the company's image as a reliable and competent data manager;
  • Protect your information assets connected to the management platform of websites and internet applications for third parties and the services connected to it;
  • Obtain a competitive advantage over other market players that provide similar services by highlighting the value of information for IMG Internet;
  • Avoid, as far as possible, disruptions to users;
  • Adopt measures to ensure staff loyalty and professionalism;
  • Fully comply with the indications of current and mandatory legislation;
  • Increase the level of sensitivity and competence on safety issues in its personnel.
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