We offer digital solutions and expertise to maximize your visibility and competitive strength on the web.

Marketing and comunication

  • Digital strategy and consulting
  • Creation of websites and portals
  • Intranet and internal communication
  • E-business , integrated and multi-channel online marketing and business projects
  • Structured training oriented towards digital transformation

Marketing has evolved to become a primary business function for business growth and success. Our specialists support Marketing functions to initiate and integrate a complex range of activities including digital innovation, content dissemination and lead acquisition, online events and more.

Our cutting-edge digital solutions and data-driven strategies are driven by a visitor-centric approach to retain customers and prospects in a continuous engagement action.

IT and Consulting

We design and build architectures on international clouds, we develop applications with augmented reality services, geolocation, internet of things using the most popular cross-platform frameworks.

  • Cloud transformation
  • Applications for web and mobile devices
  • Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Internet of things
  • IT specialist training

Cloud transformation

the Cloud makes it possible to reduce IT costs and time-to-market, making its management more effective and secure thanks to the exploitation of the opportunities offered by the most advanced technologies, such as Machine Learning, Analytics and the IoT.

  • cloud migration
  • design and implementation of Cloud First architectures and applications

Applications for web and mobile devices

We support customers throughout the entire software life cycle, from design to implementation to application management. In each phase of the process we make use of the most advanced methodologies and technologies.

  • design and prototyping of User eXperience and User Interface
  • definition of the application architecture
  • software creation
  • devOps
  • application management and hosting

Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Data is a company asset and artificial intelligence offers the tools to increase its value. It adds intelligence to existing products, makes predictions based on past events, gives structure and meaning to vast amounts of heterogeneous content.

  • Design and implementation of Machine Learning models
  • Integration of predictive models into business applications
  • Tools for collecting and storing large amounts of data
  • Data exploration and visualization applications

Internet of things

The extension of the internet from people to things is changing companies' products and services; at the same time, IT must reinvent itself to manage connected devices, collect and analyze data, guarantee its security.

  • Design and implementation of IOT cloud first architectures and applications
  • Tools for collecting and storing large amounts of data
  • Data exploration and visualization applications
  • Identification and support for the design of IOT devices

IT specialist training

Thanks to our network of experts, we design and implement training courses on the main topics that corporate IT must know in order to keep up with the times.


  • Consumer Products
  • Retail, Wholesale & Distribution
  • Industrial Products & Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Government & Public Services
  • Health & Social Care
  • International Donor Organizations
  • Life Sciences & Health Care
  • Technology+
  • Average
  • marketing and comunication



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