talian Public Administrations can only acquire certain types of services qualified by AgID  and published in the  Cloud Marketplace . This allows greater transparency in the choice of services and faster procedures. Img Internet is AgID qualified

The AgID Cloud Marketplace is the platform through which the PA can view the cloud services and infrastructures qualified by the agency . Inside it is possible to view the technical details of each service, with technical characteristics, cost models and service levels declared by the supplier.

Being present in the AgID Marketplace catalog means offering Public Administrations services that have undergone quality checks (ISO27001) and which, in compliance with precise security and interoperability requirements, have obtained a qualification from the Agency for Digital Italy .

Furthermore, Public Administrations can count not only on the safety of the proposed service, but also on the guarantee that the services in the catalog are  constantly checked  and removed in the event that one of the requisites necessary for their qualification is missing.

If there is not already a quality certification such as ISO, AgID carries out a whole series of checks in order to be able to autonomously assess the presence of the security requirements, effectiveness of the service, and adaptation to the GDPR; in addition to this, the agency requires that a penetration test be carried out every year to identify any vulnerabilities in security systems and applications.

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