Marketing Matching Tool

The SAP Matching tool is a software for booking and confirmation of "face to face"appointments.

Thanks to this tool SAP Forum visitors can book in easy and simple way half-hour talks with consultants of SAP partners on specific issues.



Each Sap Platinum Partner provides for the full duration of SAP Forum some of his advisors with specific knowledge on one or more topics related to SAP solutions.

Users can identify the avaliable consultants researching a specific topic, or the name of a partner or a specific consultant name. Depending on the search criteria adopted they will land on an agenda where they can book the interview and also anticipate the topic through a short note.

The consultant receives a booking email, and can accept or reject the request for a meeting. In both cases, the visitor receives an email with the feedback.

The system is equipped with some automatic controls that don't allow overlapping of appointments for the same consultant or for the same visitor.


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