Expo in città

Expo in città  is an innovative project developed by the City and the Milan Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Expo Milano 2015, to stimulate, coordinate and promote cultural, commercial and tourism related  activities  in occasion of  Expo 2015,  jazzing up urban spirit during and after the Universal Exhibition’s six-month period.

Img Internet has been chosen as its technology partner.



The goal is declined on two levels. On the one hand, to realize a system that coordinates and speed up the granting of spaces and public areas, available to anyone who wants to organize events.

On the other, it allows tourists, citizens and city users to clearly and immediately identify the many events that will come alive during Expo 2015.

Img Internet, technology partner of the initiative, developed a website to support the project, that works as unique dedicated contact, facilitating the meeting between  demand and supply of public spaces, where national and foreign people can achieve exhibitions and initiatives.


The website, created with Kali CMS platform, implements a technologically advanced event management system, which allows to create, organize and publish the catalog of the activities in a simple and quick way.

All the various initiatives are summarized in 10 thematic categories and graphically represented as icons and tags that help users to easily identify their areas of interest.

An online registration form can gather in a unique database all the proposed events, which will be evaluated by a dedicated commission and then conveyed in a system that automates the different management stages, from the space booking, to the online publication in the respective 'thematic area".

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