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youris.com and Img Internet together to promote European scientific innovation

Mario Martinoli, Director of youris.com explains how the collaboration with Img Internet started for the dissemination of the results of scientific research and how the relationship evolved over time, contributing to the development of innovative functionalities integrated into Kalì web platform and realizing the first successful case of media convergence.

youris.com and Img Internet together to promote European scientific innovation

What is youris.com?
youris.com was founded in 1987 as a response to the European Economic Community and the European Parliament in Strasbourg to improve the negative perception of the public about the use of the money coming from European funds to support scientific research projects.
We are a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) based in Brussels, with subsidiaries in Italy, Germany and France.
We produce TV reports, articles and interviews covering a wide range of research areas, including ICT, Environment, Energy, Health, Transportation, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, using a network of professional journalists and relying on a vast network of TV distribution, which includes the main European structures, such as EBU satellites and the pan-European television station Euronews, to spread the video productions.
Today youris.com is a leading independent non-profit media agency that promotes the most advanced European scientific innovation through TV and web media, designing and implementing communications strategies for major research organizations and projects funded by the European Union, able also to establish strong interrelationships between the research communities, the media and the general public.

What catchment area does it cover?
In the last two years our audiovisual products have reached more than 120 million people worldwide, that represent around the 3% of world population of TV viewers. Thanks to these results youris.com is at the forefront of science communication on television media.

We reach also web media and online communities, distributing online through specialized newspapers, blogs, forums and communities, original articles and interviews dealing with the most advanced scientific and technological innovation .

youris.com makes extensive use of techniques for building  communities  and  spreading  information through social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and the integration of TV  web and social content,  and it's the first successful case of media convergence in scientific journalism.

How started the partnership with Img Internet?
When we decided to evolve and implement a "media convergence", integrating TV, web and social networks, it was essential to find a partner highly focused  on innovation.

Img Internet has proven from the beginning to be proactive, so that we created together a model that today is still an example from many organizations.

Regarding European projects you managed, what role plays Kalì web platform developed by Img Internet and what are the main innovation elements for you?
Since 2005, youris.com has "married" Kali web platform and today there are dozens of projects that rely on that technology

The main reasons behind our choice are the great flexibility of Kali CMS, the possibility to publish content in very simple way, attractive and perfectly adapted to the editorial needs, the ability to aggregate and hierarchically structure arguments very quickly and , not least, the extremely high safety levels guaranteed by the system.

Kali has developed over the years a number of features exactly cut on the needs of youris.com.
This has resulted in synergistic benefits: on the one hand Kali, to meet the needs of youris.com, has been enhanced with innovative features that increase the effectiveness and efficiency in the  editorial content management (see as example the entente-health project.eu), on the other hand youris.com could count on a constant dedicated support that enabled it to be a cutting-edge successful reality on the European scene of scientific information.

The Kalì platform is for us an advanced solution in terms of web technology, logics of editorial management, systems of content indexing, interaction with users, and extensive use of the techniques of content distribution through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and others social channels.

What are the current most important projects in terms of technological innovation?
Our most innovative projects are those that require the creation of sites that have broader purposes than just informational objectives, and which represent for us important technological challenges.
Innovation Seeds (see chart) is an example of a site that serves not only as a container for science news, but it is also the basis for the development of stakeholders communities, who share and exchange information, with the aim of exploiting concretely the results of scientific research.

Primary intent of the project is the elimination of the main barriers that prevent the diffusion in the market of the results of researches in environmental and climate areas, financed with EU funds, trying to maximizing their potential value through a digital "dissemination" , which promotes understanding of their practical applicability and the creation of a large and vital community of stakeholders.

A key element of the structure is a web portal that is aimed, on the one hand, to potential users of the new technologies, who can find clear and quality information, and the other hand to researchers team, which may present to the market the results of their works .

Img Internet participates in the project with the design, implementation and management of the web portal and the development and maintenance of an open community that includes several thousand of stakeholders and represents a work network with the main protagonists of eco-innovation.

The web portal, created with Kali CMS, is an interactive platform that includes content modules easy to use and a number of useful tools for the business world.

Of particular relevance is a system integrated in the web portal for the collection, selection and classification of the best results of scientific research, which provides a useful tool to evaluate, on the basis of sophisticated parameters, the potential practical use at industrial level of the outcomes of scientific, environmental and climate research.

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