GridInnovation and Img Internet promoting the development of smart grids

GridInnovation and Img Internet promoting the development of smart grids

Eric Peirano, Executive Vice President of Technofi, explains the important role played by GridInnovation-on-line project to support the collaborative processes required by the Initiative for the European Electricity Grid (EEGI).


GridInnovation and Img Internet promoting the development of smart grids

The heart of the project is represented by a Knowledge Base web platform, built with Kali CMS, which implements an advanced process for the publication of scientific content proposed by registered users. The web platform also houses a community of experts and professionals, integrated with the major social networks, to facilitate the knowledge sharing through the exchange of information, ideas, results.

The EEGI roadmap is a document validated by all European States and the European Commission, which defines the requirements for the next 10 years in terms of research for smart grids development, with the aim of achieving the European Union's requests in terms of development of renewable energy and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.

What are the main achievements so far?

The website GridInnovation-on-line consists of a dynamic virtual library, accessible through the Internet, where knowledge is structured through an ontology made of hyperlinks.

The research and innovation results are exposed through short articles describing the specific projects outcomes, and state of the art in the particular areas. The database structure maps the different research topics defined in the EEGI roadmap.

What are the most important elements in terms of technology?

From the users point of view, the main benefits are:

  • an advanced search engine
  • a set of hypertext links (keywords) describing the functionality of each project, the R&I results and the state of the art
  • an intuitive and easy-to-use template that allows any knowledge owner to upload new articles on line

For the web platform administrator is significantly useful to have:

  • an advanced interface that allows to structure the proposed articles and publish them online in a very simple and quick way
  • a practical approval workflow with subsequent steps in which users propose the articles, the administrator returns feedback with changes, through a process that keeps track of each revision proposed and accepted at the various steps, up to the definition of the final version and its online publication.

What is the added value provided by the web platform?

The website GridInnovation-on-line allows easy access to the most advanced knowledge in favor of a wide variety of stakeholders in the electricity value chain.

In particular, this platform of knowledge sharing gives the opportunity to get some very important results for the involved stakeholders:

  • knowledge holders can give visibility to their knowledge with the objective to be inserted in the Research & Innovation projects supported by public funding
  • those seeking knowledge have a quick access to information and relevant results and can enhance related activities through the engine search and the structure of hypertext links

What are the future developments expected?

The web platform GridInnovation-online is a key element of a new two-year collaboration defined to support the European Commission in identifying research priorities for smart grids and energy storage. In this perspective, the platform GridInnovation-online will host a growing number of projects and technical articles about these research areas and be increasingly a key reference point for the stakeholders.

GridInnovation and Img Internet promoting the development of smart grids

Eric Peirano, Executive Vice President di Technofi

Il sito GridInnovation-on-line facilita l’accesso alle conoscenze più avanzate a favore di un’ampia varietà di portatori di interessi nella catena del valore dell’energia elettrica.