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Img Internet at the table of the new digital ecosystem E015, collaborating with Accenture and Milan Polytechnic

Even the website - Expo in città -, realized by Img Internet to promote the offer of cultural and recreational events that will take place in Milan area during Expo 2015, adheres to the Digital Ecosytem E015.


Img Internet at the table of the new digital ecosystem E015, collaborating  with Accenture and Milan Polytechnic

The development of the website Expo in città, which publishes online the complete schedule of the initiatives of "Outside Expo" and provides other innovative services, including the management of a virtual catalog of spaces, contains several stages of data "sharing" with private and public operators in the area.

Several new features have been planned with the objective to lead to a gradual increase in content "hosted" within the web sections of third-party operators to provide users with more and more rich and useful information, creating an overall excellent experience.

The first phase, soon to be published on-line, will make available the content published in the Events Calendar to the other subjects of the ecosystem.

To define the way to display the content of Expo in città in "open data", with the adaptation to the technological standards and guidelines of E015, Img Internet is actively participating in a working group in which there are, among others, Accenture and CEFRIEL center of the Milan Polytechnic.

What is E015 project

E015 - Digital Ecosystem is the result of the ICT Strategic Project for Expo Milano 2015, a collaboration between Expo 2015 SpA and the entrepreneurial system represented by Confindustria, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Confcommercio, Assolombarda and Union of Commerce, with the technical and scientific coordination of CEFRIEL - Politecnico di Milano.

At the base of the digital ecosystem E015 there is the aim of exploiting the numerous synergy opportunities created by Expo Milano 2015, offering the possibility to “become a system”  to public and private actors operating in the area in several areas: transport, tourism and welcoming, culture and entertainment. It is a digital environment that allows the information technology systems of the subjects that are participating to talk to each other, facilitating the creation of new relationships and partnerships.

But  E015  project wants to go further and become an important legacy of the World Expo 2015, not only to the area of ​​Milan, but more generally to the whole nation. An innovative and unique opportunity of comparison among subjects who want to share their knowledge and experience to offer innovative digital solutions for the benefit of visitors, tourists and citizens.

Adhering to the E015 project, based on shared technology standards and common rules of collaboration, anyone who develops an information system (website, smartphone app, multimedia totem, etc.) can use data and services offered by other actors and propose to turn its content and services to anyone interested in using them, publishing them, for example, on its website.
The Digital Ecosystem E015 is in short an operational space of cooperation between the various actors, with a transversal and multi-sector approach.

How to participate in E015 Digital Eco-System

The subjects who adhere to  the E015 project  can contribute to the ecosystem in two ways:

1) proposing an "E015 service", that is, by providing features and content of their information systems (such as those found on their website) so that they may be used by other parties of E015 ecosystem  for creating applications

2) making an application E015 ", ie enriching their software solutions (website, app, etc.), thanks to the direct interaction with the features provided by other subjects belonging to E015.

In both cases, the ecosystem provides a "common language" that must be adopted to enable services and applications of all the participating subjects  to  have a continuous dialogue.